Espai HIVtal is our day center, a place where we offer users the possibility of interacting with other people in similar situations, help them meet their basic needs, enhance their socio-labor insertion, carry out workshops and therapeutic activities … This project works to achieve social integration and improvement of the quality of life of affected people in a situation of social exclusion.


Support for people affected by HIV / AIDS and counseling and information for the general population are the main axes of our action that are worked within ACASC’s programs.

We offer a telephone listening service, reflection, accompaniment, assisted advice, as well as a range of therapies: individualized sessions for external users as well as those who attend our day center. Also, the continuity of the therapy group and the group of adherence to antiretroviral treatment are some of the proposals that are consolidated as emotional support activities and that have been developed in recent years in a positive way.


ACASC performs rapid screening test for HIV antibodies to all citizens who request it since 2006. This test is carried out only by specialized professionals, and is made from the confidentiality, ensuring the anonymity and privacy of the individual. In addition, psychological and emotional support is provided before and after the test to help cope in the best way possible. More…

If you want more information or ask for an appointment call 93 317 05 05 or by email to


ACASC works on some projects related to the prison system, either going to the centers to inform and raise awareness or taking in people from programs of alternative penal measures. We also participate in juvenile detention centers, where it is important to provide sex education to the young people that are entering this stage of their lives and are more vulnerable to risky situations.


In 2007, the Mano Tendida project was born in order to accompany and support people admitted to the infectious diseases unit of Hospital del Mar, and also to reinforce the presence of third sector entities in the public healthcare network such as Complementary element, which improves the quality of the assistance received.

Hospital support is not only limited to a hospital, but is distributed throughout the territory giving support to our users when they are admitted.