HIV / Syphilis / Hepatitis C Test

ASASC has been conducting the rapid test free of charge since 2006. This is an alternative center for HIV, HCV and syphilis that targets all people over the age of 16. This is a space of confidentiality that emphasizes the importance of getting tested, offers pre and post-test advice to influence your risk behaviors and explore false ideas about HIV/AIDS and other STIs, and offers psychological care and medical referrals in case of a positive result.

The test is performed by a small puncture on a finger, from which a small sample of blood is drawn and placed on a test strip that is drawn by a drop of drag buffer on its absorbent surface. After 20 minutes, the result is ready to be given to the patient. In the event of a positive result, emotional support and referral to medical care are offered. This is a fourth generation test that is provided by the Department of Health of the Government. This test detects the P24 antigen between day 12 and day 26 after the exposure, and the VHI1/VHI2 antibodies that are fully reliable for detection 3 months after the last risk exposure.

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