About Us


The Catalan Anti-AIDS Citizen Association (ACASC) is a Non-Governmental Organization that declared a Public Utility Entity in 2006. Located in the Raval of Barcelona, ​​its objective is to comprehensively improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV / AIDS and to inform and sensitize the population in order to prevent the disease.

It also dedicates its efforts to work on the prevention of drug addiction and the assistance of drug addicts and former drug addicts in situations of social vulnerability.


ACASC works to prevent HIV/AIDS infection and raise awareness within society as well as to provide assistance to people affected by the disease, especially to those living in a situation of severe social exclusion.


Our goal is to curb the spread of HIV and eradicate social stigma and discrimination. We want to bring dignity to all of the people living with the disease.


Solidarity and altruism: helping others is the main reason of our existence and the ultimate purpose of our foundation. Respect: dignity and rights of the individual are necessary to build a tolerant, nonjudgmental, and equality-based society. Commitment: daily work and the effort dedicated to our cause are what allow us to get better results each year. Transparency: proper management and clarity in all of our actions are the foundation of our identity.

Board of directors

Maria Angeles García Jimenez
Jorge Carlos Da Silva
Elixabete Benito Arratibel


Gemma Ricomà i Forés
Director and social worker
Jaime Quezada Bolaños
Psychologist – Social Educator