Text HIV

ACASC carries out the rapid test free of charge since 2006. Alternative center for the detection of HIV and syphilis addressed to all persons over 16 years of age who request it. Confidentiality space to inform about the benefits of being tested, which guarantees prior and post-test advice to influence your risk behaviors and to explore false ideas about HIV / AIDS and other STIs, such as psychological care and referral in In case of having a positive result.

The test consists of a small prick in a finger, from which a small blood sample is drawn into a test strip carried by a drop of drag buffer on the absorbent surface. After 20 minutes the result is ready to be given by a specialized person. In case of a positive result, it will be necessary to send the person to an approved laboratory that will make the appropriate analytical determinations. In case of a negative result, this will not be reliable if 3 months have not been allowed since the last risk exposure.

If you want more information or ask for an appointment call us at 93 317 05 05 or by email to proves@acasc.info